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NEVER date a girl who has a truck that's bigger than yours.

Never share a beer with a girl - you don't know if she will backwash.

Swapping gum with a girl is cute - But sharing chaw should be against the law.

Taking your mama's Taurus to prom is better than the 86 Ranger with your gun hanging in the back window.

Taking a girl on the first date to Bass Pro Shops is perfectly acceptable.

Buying your girlfriend deodorant for Christmas is acceptable..

Keeping a beer bottle top from the first date is a sign of a good red neck girl.

Swapping spit is the same as kissing.

Farting is considered insect repellant on a romantic picnic.

A perfect match - Your girlfriend chews the same kind tobacco.

Carhart clothing is dressing up - for both.

A romantic date consists of Fried Chicken, Mashed Taters and Gravy, Green beans, corn bread and sweet tea.

Shaving for the first date is optional - for both male and female.

Slopping the pigs together is bonding time.

If your girl will scratch your back on the first date she's a keeper.

You know it's a match made in heaven when you both scratch the same places.

If your new girlfriend knows more about NASCAR Racing than you - she's the girl for you.

If your new girlfriend has a camo and a confederate flag bikini - she's the girl for you.

You know she's the girl for you when she wants to spend a romantic afternoon sighting in Deer rifles.

You know your date is serious when you pull up to her singlewide trailer and she comes out in Camouflage clothes.

For dessert she asks for a moon pie and RC Cola.

Couples massage is romantic - But true love is a couples back waxing.

You know a Redneck Boy is serious when he gives a box of chocolates to a girl and all the candy is still in the box.

You know a Redneck Boy is serious when Bruiser, the pit bull dog, has had a bath and will let the girl sit next to the boy in the middle of the seat of Pick-up truck.

Never date a girl who has the following bigger than yours:

Bass Boat

Motor Home


4-Wheeler - ATV


Size does matter!

A perfect Red Neck Girl will have Craftsman Tools in her Tool Box.

The Nextel NASCAR Championship Chase is our Super bowl. Do not schedule anything for the last day of racing.

A perfect Redneck Couple believes that the perfect place to propose is a tree stand.

Never schedule any dates on opening day of deer season (OR turkey season either).

Another perfect Redneck date: Bubba fishing in a tournament while Darlene lays out in the sun in her Confederate Thong Bikini on the front of boat. This would be considered Redneck Utopia.

Women to avoid at all costs:

Women with all of their teeth...If she is spending that much time in the bathroom, where are you supposed to read the paper?

Women with false teeth. Yeah buddy, who is having to pay for that?

Women who don't know who their babies fathers are. You want to make sure her barn rats are at their "daddy's" at least half of the time.

Women who think a single wide is too small. If she was raised right she would know that most of the stuff goes out on the porch anyway.

Women who don't understand that the dog's place was in the middle of the front seat before her and will still be sitting there when she is gone.

Women who are strippers. She will only want to put on a show and will never follow through.

Women who have Mullet Hair Styles: She'll be stealing your hair gel.

Women you want:

You know she's a prospect if - She has any of the following stickers in her window:

#3 Dale Earnhardt

#8 Dale Jr.

Bass Pro Shop


Muzzy Bad to the Bone Broadheads

Federal Ammunition

Goodyear Racing

Hoosier Tires

Elderbrock Intakes

Rapala Lures

Harley Davidson

Bob's Bait Shop